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If you are wondering how to get to Gwadar. Our city has an ideal location that will allow you to explore the beaches and sea port, for example. Convenient flights are available from Karachi to Gwadar International Airport and the approximate flying time is one hour ten minutes. Gwadar can also be reached via the scenic Coastal Highway in approximately 8-9 hours. At Zaver Pearl-Continental Hotel Gwadar we can arrange stopovers at Kund Mallir  (3 hours from Karachi) and at Ornara (4 hours from Karachi)


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Zaver Pearl-Continental Hotel Gwadar

Koh-e-Batil, Gwadar

Tel: +92-86-4212223-32 Fax: 92-86-4212258


Regional Sales Office Karachi:

Ph: 92 21 111 22 33 44, Ext # 2279 & 2274